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Parents and Carers as Stakeholders in the St Mary's Community

Parents and Carers at St Mary's a passionate about supporting all children to achieve their potential and are fully commited to supporting learning in any way they can as was evident during the recent lockdowns.  

We hope that you find all the information you need on the school website and through our School Ping app.  This is how we circulate important information throughout the term.  If you are having difficulty accessing the School Ping app please contact the school office.

If you need clarification of any issue or wish to give feedback or raise concerns please contact us as soon as possible so that we can help resolve the matter.  The best way to do this is through a conversation with your child's class teacher or by contacting the school office who wil ensure your query is directed to the right member of staff.  Please do not email individual members of staff.


We conduct parent surveys regularly to find out what our parents and carers think about a number of issues.  Some surveys are related to specific topics but there is also a termly general one which helps the school leaders to identify areas of improvement for the school.  These are done through the School Ping app.  Please take the time to complete these surveys as the more people who participte in the survey the more useful the feedback is to us.

Our recent survey on communication strategies provided some most helpful feedback and we have used this to implement a new approach which will include more opportunity for face to face interaction and more detailed information provided through a re-organised website.  Please read the guide below for more information on our communication strategy.

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