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Maths at St Mary's

Mathematics is a core subject at St. Mary's and a major life skill for the future.

Our aim in Mathematics is that each child leaves our school with the skills to meet the demands of everyday life in the modern world.
We want all children to use and apply their mathematical skills confidently, use mathematical language effectively and to be fluent mathematical thinkers. We want to develop confident mathematicians who can both ask and answer questions about their learning and who can use and apply their skills in a range of mathematical situations.

Early Bird and White Rose Maths

At St. Mary's, we follow the White Rose Maths scheme in all classes. This scheme uses a 'concrete, pictoral and abstract' approach to the teaching of maths. It is essential for children to have a good understanding of the processes involved in a maths concept in order to fully use and apply it and especially to reason and to problem solve about it.

Children also get the chance to practise and revise their maths knowledge through our Early Bird maths lessons which are first thing every morning. All children have the chance to talk about their maths and challenge each other to trickier ideas during this time. It takes place from 8.55am - 9.10am most days.

White Rose Maths Calculation policy

Have a look at the processes leading up to the way our children become fluent mathematicians by the end of year 6.

The four main processes (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) are explained here as well as some of the language we use to better explain our thinking.



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