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Maths at St. Mary's


Teaching and learning

Many children (and adults) say 'I can't do Maths'. Our main aim at St. Mary's is to create confident mathematicians with a real love of the subject.To this end, we use a range of teaching styles, equipment and strategies including a great deal of problem solving and reasoning about maths.

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Our scheme of learning

We use a range of resources to teach maths.  Our main scheme tends to be based upon the White Rose Maths with additional use of the Abacus scheme for interactive games and homework.  In Early Years, the emphasis is always 'learning through doing' with many opportunities to play with maths equipment and solve mathematical puzzles. Practical use of equpment is encouraged right up to year 6 in order to further understanding and embed concepts.

Please click below to link to our additional scheme and homework.


End of year expectations

At the end of each school year, there are a set of Age Related Expectations (ARE). Whilst these are 'expected', not all children will make them; some will be working towards them while some will exceed them.  They will be working 'at greater depth'.

All teachers use these ARE as a benchmark for progress.

We use practical and on-line resources. We take every opportunity to make cross-curricular links to maths. We use  concrete, pictoral and abstract ways of presenting our learning and children learn to reason through seeing maths in a variety of ways and situations.

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