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Summer term home learning

Summer 2 - Week 5

Good morning everyone and I hope you are all well. Here is the work for this week for those of you who are not returning at the moment. I will try and communicate with you as promptly as possible if you share your work with me.  Please keep checking your emails for invites to join us virtually  in the classroom. Our class Collective Worship will be on Thursday at 9.30 am this week. 


Task one: If you haven't already finished your story and sent it to me  then please do so. 

Task two: I would like you to create a leaflet about your dream holiday destination - it needs to include information about its location, language, population, major attractions, maps, pictures and anything else you can think of. Make it colourful and visual - you can do this on paper or on Google slides if you prefer. If you want to work with someone in your class, invite them to share. 


This week we are working on ratio

Please work through the White Rose Maths  lessons  https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/     You will find the video lessons here but will have to download the worksheets from the links below:









There are also some extra and extension worksheets on our Google classroom. 

BBC Bitesize have linked up with White Rose Maths and they also have a range of videos and activities to support this fraction, decimal and percentage learning. 


Extension maths (optional): 

1) This is a pack of reasoning problems you might like to have a go at - I will post the link every week so you can choose one or two to do. You might like to work together on these. 


Please log onto Prodigy as well - there is a new challenge for you to try.


Daily PE

Let me know what you are doing to keep fit and healthy.


Other Activities to be completed when you have the time over the next few weeks: 

1. Planting: grow a plant from scratch, taking pictures as you go along. 

2. Decorate your Home Workbook.

3. Make a card and send a message to a family friend or relative who is self-isolating.

4. Keep a daily diary with photographs or pictures in your Home Workbook: these are un-precedented ( look it up) times and you will want to tell people about it in the future. 

5. Create a Google slide  ready for the leavers Service PowerPoint: this can include pictures from any stage of your life in or out of school. Share it with me and I will create a class presentation. 

6. Think about what you would like to do for the Leavers' Service - hopefully we will be back at school then but if not, I will need videos to create the virtual presentation. 

7. Paint a picture.
8. Create a moving vehicle out of junk materials.

9. Research about a topic of your choosing - create a Google slides presentation and share it with me. 

If you have any good ideas about activities which you have thought up at home, share them with me and I will post them here.

Take care and I will hopefully see you very soon. 

Mrs Smith

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