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Welcome to Chestnut Class!

We have children from Year 2 and 3 in our class. Mr. Butterwick is our teacher and we are supported by Mrs. Trapps, Miss. Ivory and Mrs Whitehead. Every morning we have a phonics focus, before English and Maths. The afternoons are for our other subjects. There will soon be a timetable and overview of learning below, but this is being finalised as we settle back into routines and while phonics checks are being conducted for all children. Please check back very soon!

Chestnut Class Timetable

Here is our timetable for the Autumn term. Until swimming starts for Year 3, the children will receive an additional P.E. session on a Thursday afternoon.

Autumn 1 - Stone Age to Bronze Age

Our topic this half-term is "Stone Age to Bronze Age" - a fascinating and lengthy period of time in history! Learning will cover all aspects of prehistoric life: from diet and past times to homes and exploration. It will also allow us to cover several History and Geography objectives. We will be looking at cave art and the wonderful works that can be found around the world, too. As Mr. Butterwick is a champion of Inquiry-based Learning, this topic will feature some key open-ended questions and statements for research, such as "All prehistoric people lived in caves. Do you agree?" or "People living in the Iron Age kept limpets as pets. Discuss.". This topic will also feature in our homework tasks (which will appear on this website), where the children wil be able to submit their work via our Google Classroom. Please keep checking regularly!

Long Term Plan

Long Term Plan - draft:



Reading - All children have been allocated a reading book, which they should be able to read without adult support. These books are to support the children to develop and maintain a love of reading and to enable them to become fluent readers. It would be fantastic if children can read the books they are allocated at least three times a week so that they practise recognising words automatically, grouping words to help them gain meaning and reading aloud with expression.

Maths - We are introducing a weekly times tables test for Year 3. This is done on a Thursday afternoon when we return from Swimming. Each child will complete a grid (initially 'Level 1') of jumbled-up calculations for the 1, 2, 5 and 10 times tables within an 8-minute session. Upon completing their grid, they note down the time taken. Their objective is to complete this grid more quickly the following week and, eventually, in less than 3 minutes. At which point, they will move up to the next 'level'. It is, therefore, a competition against themselves and not classmates. They may find "Hit the Button" useful when preparing for their test.

White Rose Maths - WRM Home Learning resources are still being produced and can be accessed online. These videos may be useful as consolidation of work covered in-class and can be found here: Year 2, Year 3. Please check with your child what they have done that day, so you can ensure the materials match up.

Spelling - Although we are moving away from formal weekly spellings tests, we are still focussing on year group-specific word lists. These will feature prominantly in the classroom, with an emphasis on word construction and phonic understanding. Children will also be expected to use these words, and those that follow the same spelling patterns, in their written work. In Year 2 the list covers words the children should be able to spell at the end of Key Stage 1. In Year 3 the list spans this year and next. The expectation is that children should able to spell and use these words by the end of Year 4. Please see below.


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