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Celebrating Easter 2019

The school holidays fell slightly differently this year and so we found ourselves celebrating Easter at the beginning rather than the end of the term.  Undaunted by this, we used these four days to help our children understand the meaning of the Easter story.  All classes used art, writing, drama, music and even maths to help reflect on some big questions about this special week in Jesus' life .  Here are some examples of the things children did:


On Palm Sunday Christians remember Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem.  We thought about how Jesus sometimes surprised people with the things he did, such as arriving on a donkey or washing his disciples' feet.

Worshipping Together

On Wednesday 17th April St Mary's and Lady Hastings School, Thorp Arch met together for worship in St Mary's Church.  Both schools really enjoyed this opportunity to sing, pray and reflect together.

Easter Service Cropped3

Easter Gardens

Apple Tree class created Easter gardens.  Can you spot Jesus' tomb?

What a dramatic story....

Year 6 and 3 helped Mrs Cloke tell various dramatic parts of the Easter story in collective worship.  They acted out Jesus chasing traders out of the temple, washing his disciples' feet, eating his Last Supper and being betrayed in the garden.  Chestnut class became news journalists for the afternoon and interviewed spectators on the road to Jerusalem.  Sycamore class took a statistical approach and explored opinions on who was responsible for Jesus' crucifixon.

Easter Traditions

Pace Eggs are a traditional way of decorating eggs with flowers and natural dyes.  Year One children had a try at this technique and were really pleased with the results

Easter at St Mary's would not be complete without the 'Spring Chicken Song'.  Parents enjoyed a performance of this and other faviourite Easter songs on Thursday afternoon.  Led by the Spring Chickens of Apple Tree.

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