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Pupil Premium Grant and Covid Premium Grant

The pupil premium grant is an extra amount added to the school budget.  The calculation of the pupil premium grant is dependent on how many children in school:

  • Currently have free school meals
  • Have ever had free school meals in the last 6 years
  • Are children looked after by the local authority
  • Have previously been looked after by the local authoriy
  • Have a parent serving in the armed forces

In addition to this, all schools have recieved a 'Covid Premium Grant' which is allocated based on the total number of pupils in the school.

The amount of Pupil Premium funding that St Mary's receives varies from year to year.  In the 2020 it is £21,800

In 2020-2021 St Mary's recieved £10,800 in Covid Premium.

Click the links to see how we spent the Pupil Premium and the Covid Premium

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