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Our Curriculum

St Mary's offers a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum covering all areas of the National Curriculum and our aim is to provide a curriculum that meets the needs, interests and abilities of all children.  This means ensuring that our pupils acquire key knowledge and skills in English and maths, but also in other the curriculm subjects:  PE, music, art, DT, science, RE, PHSE, history and geography.  We are proud of the way our curriculum nurtures individual talents and we are committed to teaching the adults of the furture through providing the opportunities for children to excel and thrive in a variety of different ways with different learning styles.  

You will find more detail about our curriculum on the subject area pages or on the class pages.

Theme Days

Theme days and visits are a wonderful way to enhance learning. Children have enjoyed opportunities to engage in learning through activities such as, World War 2 VE Day concert,  Supertato Mystery Day or Greek Day.  This allows children a wide variety of cross-curricular learning in an enjoyable and interactive way.

We also have many visitors who come to school to help us with our learning, offering the children an invaluable insight through their expertise, such as:

- guide dogs

- firefighters

- Archbishop Sentamu

- Road safety team.


School visits linked to our topics are undertaken by all classes throughout the year.  They are a crucial way of helping learn about different cultures, places and times.  Recent visits our children have experienced include York Minister, the Holocaust Centre and Bradford Mosque, 


Older children also have the chance to participate in residentials, with Year 5 going to Herd Farm and Year 6 to Cober Hill. We feel that these are important events in children's develpment where they discover many important life skills like teamwork and problem solving, as well as experiencing the independence of being away from home.

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