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RE at St Mary's C of E

The RE Curriculum

Pupils at St Mary's School study Christianity and a range of other World Faiths.  The purpose of RE (a statutory subject within the National Curriculum) is to develop pupils' understanding of the practices and traditions of different faith communities and of how religious beliefs have shaped  all human societies.  This enables our pupils to have a broad understanding of people of all faiths.  Studying RE enables pupils to ask some of the big questions about human life on Earth and to compare the answers given within different religions traditions.  In addition to Christianity, pupils at St Mary's School study Islam, Judaism, Sikhism and Humanism.  The overview of the RE curriculum can be found below:

Religious Education in Key Stage 2

Religious Education in Year R

Religious Education in Year 1

Religious Education in Year 2

Understanding Christianity

In common with many other Church of England primary schools, we use the Understanding Christianity resources to support some of our teaching of RE.  For more information on this aspect of our curriculum, please follow this link to their website:




Collective Worship

A daily act of collective worship is required by law in all maintained schools in England and Wales.  As a Voluntary Controlled Church of England School, we use our collective worship time to introduce pupils to some beliefs and practices of the Anglican faith and to provide them with opportunities for reflection on 'big questions' around our core aim of Love, Respect and Moral Understanding.  We use 12 Christian Values to theme our collective worship, on a 2 year rolling programme:

Year A (2018-19) Year B (2019-20)
Generosity Thankfulness
Compassion Trust
Courage Perseverance
Forgiveness Justice
Friendship Service
Respect Truthfulness

Prayer Spaces in each classroom and associated activities give pupils further opportunities to reflect on these values.

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