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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 (Sycamore) Class 2018 – 19

The children in our class are 9 and 10 years old.


What do we learn?

Welcome to our class page.

Our topic for this half term is  'The Victorians', a history-based topic where we will study important events that occured during the reign of Queen Victoria and how they impact on our lives today. There will be a big focus on the social history of the time. In English, our main text will be 'Street Child', a story about a Victorian workhouse child, and much of our learning will be based around themes in this book.

Our science topic for this half term is all about the children thinking scientifically, where they will plan and carry out several investigations to improve their thinking of the world around them.

As we do work throughought the year, this will be added to the bottom of the page. Please come back regualrly to see what we have been doing.

Who works in Sycamore class?

Our teacher is Mr. Kidd. We are also well supported by Mrs Walters, Mrs Warriner and Mrs Trapps as well as some fantastic volunteers. 

Every morning, we will be working hard with our English and maths. In English we will be improving our reading, writing, speaking and listening skills across a wide range of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama activities. In maths, we will be consolidating and building upon previous knowledge in areas such as number, measure, geometry and statistics to provide a deep understanding of mathematics. This will be done through challenges, problem solving and using maths in real-life contexts.

On Thursday afternoons, Mrs Smith works with Sycamore Class.

Important days for our class are

Monday – 
Tuesday – PE
Wednesday  – Spellings and times tables tests
Thursday  - PE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            – New spellings will be given out to be learnt for the following Wednesday
                     - Mrs Mount will set reading targets. All reading books should be in school on this day.

Friday – Homework handed out. This will either be a maths, SPAG or reading activitiy. There will also be a new game posted on the children's ActiveLearn page every Friday linked to the work that we have been doing in class that week. This can be found at: https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk

Please make sure that your child has suitable clothing for both indoor and outdoor PE. We will endeavour to be outside as much as possible so please make sure your child is dressed for the weather.


If there are any problems, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Many thanks
Mr Kidd

Important documents

A copy of our timetable for this half term can be found below. Also, some parents have been asking about the grammar that we teach at school so that they can help their children at home. The following document highlights all of the grammar that your child should know by the end of year 6, with example sentences. If anybody is unsure what any of the terms mean, please come and ask.

What have we been doing this year?

As the year progresses, this section of the page will be updated with all of the exciting learning activities that we have been doing. Please drop by throughout the year to see what we have been up to.

Autumn 1


We have been really engaged with the book 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty, following the story of Jim and his family in Victorian England. We have created some freeze frames of the important events in chapter 2, where the cruel Mr. Spinks kicked the Jarvis family out their home for not paying the rent.


In maths recently, we have been understanding place value of 5-digit numbers. This is important because it helps us with a lot of the maths that we will do this year. In groups, we were investigating making the number 3652 in a variety of ways, proving that we understood the value of all the digits in the number.

Super Movers

We are always excited when we are able to take part in one of the BBC Live Lessons. This time was a Super Movers live lesson where we were learning about shape through dance with the help of Manchester City.  Before the lesson even started, we were thrilled when we saw our name flash up on the BBC live website as one of the schools taking part.


During the live lesson, we were kept active through different dance activities where we made symmetrical shapes with our partners and made shapes with our bodies, as well as 'spotting the ball' in a co-ordinates activity. The next live lesson will be in October where we will be looking at poetry, and already we are looking forward to it.


This half term, we have been fortunate to have had a dance teacher from Leeds Rhinos come in to take some of our PE lessons. We have been learning to put together movements to music and then perform them as a routine. As a class, we enjoy being active and healthy in and out of school.

dance 1.mp4dance 2.mp4

*Super Movers update*

Following on from our recent maths live lesson with Super Movers, we were awarded the second place monthly prize for our engagement and activeness within the lesson. This is a fantastic achievement to be chosen from all of the schools in the country that took part. As a result of this, we have been rewarded with a Super Movers goody bag full of brilliant things to help us learn and keep active which we have shared with other classes in school. Well done everyone!!!

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