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Welcome to Cherry Class!

Reception/Year 1

The children in our class are 4 and 5 years old.


Who works in Cherry Tree class?

Our class teacher is Miss Bird.

We are lucky enough to have Mrs Walters and Mrs Reale working with us as our Teaching Assistants. Mrs Walters works every Monday and Tuesday in our class whilst Mrs Reale works with us every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

What do we learn?

Our curriculum is divided into 3 prime areas which are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development, and 4 specific areas which are Literacy, Maths, Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), we provide opportunities for children to learn through practical and purposeful play. Our reception classroom offers continuous learning provision both inside and out. The learning environment is guided by the children’s interest and will be adapted to suit their current curiosities, themes previously covered include pirates, Star-wars and superheroes.

Our new outdoor learning area

Our new outdoor learning area provides the children with great opportunities to learn though the different areas of the EYFS curriculum with a particular focus on maths. Our mathematical aim is to offer concepts such as capacity, length and problem-solving to be investigated on a larger scale that is not accessible indoors by using resources such as water play, ‘mud kitchen’ and den building apparatus. Learning through play encourages the children to not only use the mathematical language taught but also develop an understanding of how to apply their new skills through practical play. Further to the mathematical opportunities, the children at St Mary’s have scope to develop an understanding of teamwork, cooperation and the importance of harmonious relationships through utilisation of the new outdoor equipment.

Our topic this half term

We have two topics this half term: The Secret Garden and Easter. In our 'Secret Garden' topic we will be focusing on plants, flowers and minibeasts. Over the next few weeks we will have lots of opportunities through different areas of learning to learn about this lovely topic. We plan to visit the allotment and continue to make use of our outside area for topic activities. We will be learning about how to look after plants and growing our own sunflowers and vegetables.

During the Easter topic we will be making Easter gardens, cards and baskets and learning about The Easter Story. 

Our Long-term Plan can be found here: Reception – Overview


Please keep up to date with what we have been up to below!

Our timetable

-P.E. will be on Monday and Tuesday
       -On both days we will be working on key skills.
-Show and tell will be on Thursday
The timetable is displayed on our classroom window, however here is a link to this term's timetable.


Your child has a yellow phonics book and a blue maths book. We will now be sending home a tricky word in your yellow phonics book. This provides the opportunity for your child to write a sentence with the new tricky word in.  On Monday a number will be in your child's blue book to help them focus on their number formation.

In Friday's weekly newsletter that is sent out via Schoolping, there will be suggested interactive activities that follow on from our learning in school.

Summer Term Summer Term Summer Term Summer Term Summer Term
Spring Term Spring Term Spring Term Spring Term Spring Term
IMG_9718 (2)


In this half term we have focused on our basketball skills! We have looked at different passing techniques, dribbling and shooting into the basketball net.

Themed Days

We have had a number of themed days this half term from World Book day to Superhero day! 

Food and Nutrition

We listened very carefully to the instructions given on how to make a sandwich. We enjoyed choosing from the different sandwich fillers and loved eating them once they were made!

Reading and Writing

We have loved mark making for a purpose, from writing letters to Evil pea to postcards to Mr Crocodile!  During world book day we enjoyed bringing in our favourite books and showing our friends.  We enjoy using props to re-tell and act out our favourite stories.


This half term we have looked at numbers to 20, money, time, directional language, addition and number bonds.

Topics - Spring and Pets

We have loved spotting signs of Spring in the outdoors and completing activties using the natural materials on offer. 

Our pets topic allowed us to have a visit from dogs and guinea pigs. We loved learning about how to look after pets.

IMG_8545 (2)

Topic - People who help us

Our ‘people who help us’ topic has kept us very busy this half term. We have had visits from people who help us, including some of our mummys and daddys, as well as our very own crime scene and teddy bear’s doctor’s surgery. We have had lots of fun with this topic!


We have looked at a variety of mathematics during this half term. Our learning has covered symmetry, addition and subtraction, time, lengths, heights and weights, halving and doubling. 

We have explored these topics both indoors and outdoors.

Food and Nutrition

In the last few weeks we have been making pancakes! We enjoyed exploring the ingredients, using kitchen tools and of course eating them!

Topic - Celebrations

We have celebrated Burns night and Chinese New Year! We enjoyed listening and watching a parade of bagpipes on YouTube and created our very own parade using our musical instruments! Some of us even tried haggis!

We also celebrated Chinese New Year by practising our chopstick skills, Chinese number writing, dragon making and writing a wish for our wishing tree. 


We are getting very efficient at using the chrome books and IPads. We have also loved exploring the smart board.


One of our Bible stories this half term was Noah’s ark. We acted out the Bible story, explored floating and sinking of different materials, worked together to create Noah’s ark and to see whose ark could hold the most animal biscuits. 

In addition to this we explored the weather that features in the Bible story. We explored with various materials to create rainbows and rain.

Autumn Term Autumn Term Autumn Term Autumn Term Autumn Term
IMG_7657 (2)


In the last few weeks we have loved getting into the Christmas spirit! We performed a wonderful nativity for our families, created christingles and we have been very busy in our Santa's workshop role play.


This half term we have looked closely at shapes, numerals, lengths, capacity, money and one more or one less than a given number.

Food and Nutrition

Our run up to Christmas has given us the opportunity to make Christmas biscuits! We have really enjoyed getting messy and immersing ourselves in baking. We certainly enjoyed eating them.

Topic - Celebrations

Our celebration topic has included Diwali and Bonfire night. We created rangoli patterns, light cathcers and our very own clay Diyas for Diwali. We also had a surprise visit from Spikey the hedgehog. He discussed the dangers of Bonfire night for hedgehogs which spurred us on to write letters to his friends warning them not to sleep in pre-made bonfires!

Topic - Houses and Homes

During this half term our houses and homes topic provided us with the opportuntiy to look at our own homes and the place that we live. It also allowed us to look at and compare it to the many different houses around the world.


We have had a big focus on our throwing skills this half term using both underarm and overarm movements.

With Mrs Drummond we have been visiting space and landing on the moon. We practised lots of balances and jumping making sure the aliens didn't tickle our toes!

Autumn Term Autumn Term Autumn Term Autumn Term Autumn Term
IMG_5921 (3)


During this half term we explored our topics through the many different areas of learning. We have looked closely at ourselves including how we are different from one another. A worry monster visited our class who was very confused with all his feelings and emotions. We have discussed the many emotions that we experience and how best to handle these.

Mark Making

We love to mark make in Apple Tree class! We enjoy making meaningful marks both inside and outside. 


This half term we have been looking closely at numbers, repeating patterns, positional language, shapes and days of the week.


We have had a focus on the topic 'special things'. A few of our tasks included making boxes for people who are special to us and creating crosses for our reflection area.

Food and Nutrition

During this half term we made silly salad faces! We thought carefully about what facial features we needed to include, and safely used the equipment to cut and grate our vegetables. At the end of the activity we were able to eat all the yummy vegetables we used to make them.


In this half term we have focused on key skills and gymnastics. We have been practising different movements, balances and rolls.

We have also enjoyed using our new outdoor running track!

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